Light for Living presents the ministry of Pastor Gary Click of the Fremont Baptist Temple through MP3 sermons, outlines, PowerPoints, devotional articles and Bible studies. Pastor Click is currently preaching a series on Sunday nights entitled, The Fabric of the Family, which is featured on his weekly radio program and online. He can be heard locally each weekend (4 pm Eastern) on WHVT 90.5 FM or online at www.cleanair.fm.

As a part of our annual theme, "Reach," Pastor is challenging the congregation of the Fremont Baptist Temple to strech beyond themselves by the grace of God and "Reach" for those things that are before. Eleven goals have been set to be "Reached" for in 2011. You will be able to join us as we strive to reach these goals together as each of these sermons is posted online.

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What's New?

Special thanks goes out to Todd Empcke for redesigning our website. Thanks Todd! Some changes will continue to take place as we upload sermons, articles, bible studies and more. As the website develops you will have increased ability to search our database by topics, dates, series or Scriptures. Please check back often and take advantage of our resourses.

The Light for Living website is taking on more of a multimedia look and feel along with an increased ability to share its resources with your friends and neighbors. 

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